One of the key challenges with virtual reality today is that it’s hard to play together. Only one person can wear the goggles at a time, and it’s hard to set up multiple devices at home, because each headset needs to be connected its own powerful computer.

We've solved that problem.


We’ve set up our shop to allow groups of friends (or soon-to-be-friends) to enjoy the VR experiences together. Large screens show what players are seeing, and friends can play together in the same room. For the players waiting their turns, we have cafe tables and drinks. 



“One of the most enjoyable experiences of 3 months touring Europe.”


- Jake from United Kingdom
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call dibs 

Walk-ins are always welcome, but it does get pretty packed in here most of the time. The best way to guarantee you'll get to play as soon as you arrive is to reserve a spot, which we made super easy to do ('cause we're nice like that).


About us

Hi :)

A few months ago we had our first VR experience while on vacation in Thailand. We couldn't stop thinking and talking about it. After a while we decided to let our passions lead and open up Amsterdam's first VR arcade with a simple mission: Ensure that our visitors have as much fun as we did on our first time.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at VRGAMEHOUSE@GMAIL.COM

Hope you see you here,
Gosia & Chris